EDWARDS COUNTY HOUSING AUTHORITY                              

                                        Deborah L. Smith, Executive Director


 125 W.  Cherry St., Albion, Illinois 62806        Pho: 618-445-2715       Fax: 618-445-3603



Your Request for Housing Application


Thank you for your interest in Edwards County Housing Authority.  We encourage all interested persons to apply and be added to our waiting list.  You will find the application for housing here on our web page.  Please print it, complete, and mail it to Edwards County Housing Authority as soon as possible, as the date and time it arrives will determine your place on our waiting list.


I would like to introduce the housing authority by telling you something about Edwards County.  We are a small housing authority with 53 units in 2 small towns in Southern Illinois.  Albion’s population is about 2,000 people and West Salem’s is about 1,000.  Edwards County is a small, rural county whose main business is farming, along with 1 larger manufacturing facility and the usual small town businesses.  Our units are nice and well maintained.  Please refer to frequently asked questions, floor plans, and pictures of each location.


Seeing “Illinois” on the web site, most assume we are in the Chicago area.  We are located about 350 miles south of Chicago or 5 ˝ to 6 hours driving time.  We want to inform all applicants where we are located and something about Edwards County.  With this information, you can make a better-informed decision regarding housing.  Again, thank you for contacting the Edwards County Housing Authority.




Deborah L. Smith, Executive Director