Do you have any apartments available right now?

How much would my rent be?
Will I have to pay a security deposit?
How long is your waiting list?
Where can I get an application?
How much would I need to pay before I could move in?
Where can I see a copy of your Admissions & Occupancy Policy?

  Do you have any apartments available right now?

Edwards County Housing Authority maintains a waiting list and leases from the list insofar as possible.  Every applicant is required to complete an application.  The date and time is noted on the application when submitted, and determines the applicant’s position on the list.  The submission of an application tentatively places the applicant on the list.  Then, credit and landlord references are checked, and the mandatory Police Background Check is performed.  When apartments become available, they are assigned, based on a combination of unit size, size of applicant’s household, and waiting list position. 

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  How much would my rent be

Rents for all public housing authorities are set by HUD rule, with the basic rent set at 30% of the household’s gross annual income for all household members.  However, before rent is figured, certain deductions from gross income are given--if they apply.  A $400 deduction is given for each head of household over age 62 or disabled, and a $480 deduction is given for each child under age 18.  Other deductions apply to specific circumstances.  For instance, if the household has a handicapped member or head of household 62 or older who has a certain level of specific expenses, etc. 

Flat rents have been set for each size apartment to help working households.  This means that a working household has the option of choosing a flat rent if  30% of its gross annual income would otherwise put the household’s rent at a figure above the flat rent level.  The list below shows the flat rents, which are based on unit size:

          Efficiencies & 1-bedroom units:       $400

          2-bedroom units:                           414

          3-bedroom units:                           515

          4-bedroom units:                           580

What is included in the rent payment?  For units in the elderly/disabled section, the rent payment also pays for electricity, water, sewer and trash disposal costs (gas costs are also included in the Albion development, while the West Salem development is total-electric).  Residents in the elderly/handicapped section pay an additional $10 per month during June, July, August, and September for electricity if they install an air conditioner.

In the family section apartments, the rent payment also includes the gas (Albion only), water, sewer, and trash disposal costs and a portion of the electricity.  Here, the electricity consumption is metered, with a kilowatt allowance set for each unit, based on the season and the unit size.  If the resident does not exceed the set allowances, he or she pays no electricity costs.  Those who exceed their allowances pay for the extra kilowatts used, at the same rate charged the housing authority, along with the next month’s rent payment.  

The Housing Authority has its own TV antenna system going to each apartment, which provides 5 local channels.  However, cable TV and telephone service, if desired, are the tenant’s responsibility.

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  Will I have to pay a security deposit?


Yes.  A security deposit must be paid the day the apartment is leased, in the amount of $100 for efficiencies and 1-bedroom units, and $125 for 2, 3, and 4-bedroom units.  The deposit will be refunded, without interest, when the resident moves out, if the following conditions have been met:


    1. The 1-year lease period has been completed
    2. the written “Notice of Intent to Vacate” has been given to management 15 days prior to moving
    3. no damage (beyond normal wear and tear) has been done to the unit or yard
    4. unit has been emptied and cleaned as specified in the Dwelling Lease
    5. rent and all related charges have been paid in full
    6. all keys have been returned to the office


If the conditions (lines a. & b. above) are not met at move-out, the security deposit will be automatically forfeited.  Any damages to the leased unit (per lines c. & d.) are charged according to a maintenance charge schedule, and if the security deposit is insufficient to cover the repair or excess cleaning costs, vacating tenant must pay the extra charges.  Any unpaid rent or related charges (line e.) may be deducted from the security deposit, and if the security deposit is insufficient, remaining charges will be paid by the vacating tenant.


A $375 Pet Deposit also must be paid on the day of leasing if the applicant has a pet they wish to keep with them in public housing. The pet is limited to 1 dog or 1 cat only, and its adult height and weight cannot exceed 12 inches at the shoulder and 20 pounds.  Proof of spaying and neutering and up-to-date shots must be submitted when leasing. Several breeds of dogs are considered to be dangerous and therefore are not allowed. 


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  How long is your waiting list

Although the list is not usually long, it varies.  Due to the list variations, number of units available, sporadic move-outs, differing individual housing needs, and time needed to ready an apartment, it is impossible to accurately predict how long an applicant will remain on the list before the housing authority is able to offer him or her an apartment. 

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  Where can I get an application


You can print the application from our website or pick one up at the Housing Authority office, at 125 W. Cherry St. in Albion.  You must fill out the application completely and neatly, giving income, landlord and credit references.  Then bring or mail the application to our office.


(Directions to our Office:  From Main Street turn south on 7th St., go 1 block to Cherry, turn left & go ˝ block to the office on your right.  Please park on the street, as the parking lot is reserved.  We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.)


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  How much would I need to pay before I could move in


The full security deposit (including the full pet deposit—if applicable), as well as the first month’s rent, paying only for those days you actually would have possession of the unit.


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Where can I see a copy of your Admissions & Occupancy Policy?


Admission & Occupancy Policy - Table of Contents


Admission & Occupancy Policy  
This is a very large file and may take a few seconds to load.


These documents are Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Files (.pdf).  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here free.

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